2023 4th International Conference on Management Science and Engineering Management

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Nanchang is the capital city of Jiangxi Province, one of the central cities of the urban agglomeration in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River, the core city of Poyang Lake Ecological Economic Zone, and a national historical and cultural city named by The State Council. It now has jurisdiction over three counties (Nanchang, Jinxian and Anyi), six districts (Honggutan, East Lake, West Lake, Qingyunpu, Qingshan Lake and Xinjian), three national-level development zones (Nanchang National Economic and Technological Development Zone, Nanchang National High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Nanchang Xiaolan Economic and Technological Development Zone) and Wanli Administration, covering an area of 7,402 square kilometers with a total population of 6.03 million Political, economic, cultural, technological and transportation centers.


Nanchang is also a famous cultural city with a history of more than 2200 years. Since ancient times, it has enjoyed the reputation of "natural treasures, outstanding people and outstanding land". Nanchang has picturesque scenery and pleasant environment. Ganjiang River from south to north through the city, the whole city lakes scattered dotted, green mountains on the outskirts.